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A construction site is an area or piece of land on which construction works are being carried out. The term ‘building site’ is often used interchangeably with construction site, although this tends to indicate that building/s (and sometimes, more specifically, housing) are being constructed, whereas the term ‘construction site’ can…

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In the first phase of the works, construction may be restricted to preliminary activities such as; securing the site, site clearance, setting up site facilities, demolition, groundworks, and so on. It is often apparent that a site has become a construction site when hoarding is erected to secure its perimeter. It is relatively common for sites to remain…

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Once above ground works begin, construction sites may appear to progress relatively quickly as structural frames grow and cladding is installed. They may then appear to slow again as internal fit outs are undertaken and finishing work is carried out. Typically, a construction site will revert to being a non-construction site when it is handed back…